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Am bored! Lezz shoot! :p
Vanessa Astillero · Model · Philippines
Hey m baq!!! Afta a long whyle
Marvy Michael · Model · Nigeria follow me on flickr, send me a message and I will put you as a "friend" so you'll be able to see more photos! YOU MUST TYPE the link on the ADDRESS BAR. You will not be able to click on it here :(
Xam Alaine · Model · Philippines
sooo busy.... i hope i could find time to grab my camera again
Jon Manosca · Photographer · Philippines
Hello, I am Maria Fee Tajaran, an aspiring model and actress here in Cebu Philippines. My school schedule is tight so you must arrange a shoot with me well in advance - at least a week or more. I do not consider nude or implied nude, and look forward to hearing from talented photographers who already have a unique theme in mind and can supply your own proposal in advance. I am up for outdoors, sports, beach, wedding gown, edgy and any new concept you can propose, just no nude or implied, thanks. All shoots I do are escorted by family or friends, and I do require payment in advance.
Maria Fee Tajaran · Model · Philippines
How does it feel to be a model ? ?? I never tried it...
Ylevol · Not specified ·
Hi im looking for modeling agency who wants to cooperate with me, i want a modeling job, who can help me out there?
Jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj · Regular User · Philippines
Looking for beautiful female models with minimum height 173cm, dark hair, good body features for 60-90 days fixed salary contract all expenses covered in advance. Interested please email your professional photos, fresh bikini snapshots, fresh casting video, measurements, age and nationality to Good luck :-)
Bestgirls · Model Agency · United States
Need Model's for Bartour for Tobacco company. 2-4k tf gross, 1 year contract. No tattoos and no braces. Pls pm ur contact number and full infos. TY! :)
Abner · Casting Agent · Philippines
Calling for model to do pre-Australian Day photoshoot... please message me for more details
Boy DeBorneo · Photographer · Australia